Uncovering Ray

Uncovering Ray - Edie Danford Ray and Wyatt. So sweet together. This book made me think about my own biases and assumptions. I found myself trying to find clues about Ray's gender, biological and identified. I wanted to know as if it somehow mattered or would change what I was reading. It didn't. Neither did knowing some of the answers after Ray and Wyatt had sex for the first time. The book was good at making me question myself and making me uncomfortable in my own head. I respect that.

As to the story, I had some problems. Ray felt incredibly young. Very rebel with an almost cause. There was a lot of tell not show for Ray's relationships and history. We read about a tough childhood and struggle over the last years of Ray's life. Unfortunately, I had a difficult time empathizing. There were moments when I ached for the experiences that occurred on the pages. I didn't feel it when Ray was talking about past grievances and issues. I wanted to. I expected to. I was disappointed to not feel more of a connection. Maybe it was that Ray felt so young and confused. By the end, I was glad to see growth and hopeful life changes happening for Ray and Wyatt and even their extended family members.