Double Up

Double Up - Vanessa North Warning: this book may cause addiction to Monster energy drinks, cherry Sprite, and/or Cheetos.

...or that could just be me.

I love Ben so hard. So. Hard, you guys. And Davis is utterly sweet and charming. There's a May/December thing happening here, but as often happens with these things, the younger partner (Davis) is occasionally the wiser and better at relationships. So of course I cheered for Ben the hardest. Because I am a champion of the underdog...and did I mention Monsters and Cheetos?

Just wait until you meet Eddie. That kinky bastard needs his own story STAT. Which I hear is in the works (all the squeeee).

While I've read all of Vanessa's m/m books, this is my favorite. These guys are super special and will have a special place with me always.

Full disclosure alert: I beta read this book and fell in love with all of characters (except The Parents from Hell) long ago.