Kaleidoscope  - Kristen Ashley I honestly don't know if these are getting worse or if I'm just losing patience. I'm tired of reading the same truncated speech patterns and the same characters, particularly the men. Alpha badass, I got it.

I'm also frustrated with the liberal female falls for conservative male thing. I've seen it explored in other Ashley books, but this book put it right out there. Emme uses the ""weak"" excuse that Jacob's a Republican to break up with him. The author manages to MAKE this a weak excuse in the context of other issues, but are you kidding me with this? Guns, healthcare, etc. Let's debate those things and the guy can just laugh all day long at the woman's uninformed opinions, but she's expected to raise children with him? Right. No biggie. I'm sorry; I'm not buying it.

I don't know why these things bothered me more in this book than in previous Ashley books. I'd have to re-read, but I'm, quite frankly, afraid at the moment. So I'm going to push this one off my shelf and only re-read my faves after this has faded from memory.

I gave it 2 stars, because I read the whole thing and didn't want to set things on fire. But just barely.