Heal My Heart

Heal My Heart - Elley Arden MJ has family issues and baggage. Tag has family issues and Baggage, capital ""B"". Together, they are a ball of issues and baggage and feels and whew. This book is so sweet. The HEAL eachother, y'all. And it's not cheesy or ""oh, of course"". It's real feelings and validation and some surprising moments of understanding.

This is the third Kemmons Brothers book, and every time I think I can't have more rageface about their upbringing, I read more. I'll leave off the spoilers, but let me say, my heart BROKE for Tag. So so terrible. He has such a loving family now, but the history? Ugh.

HEAL MY HEART works as a standalone, though I think you'll miss up on the buildup of these brothers if you don't read the first two. It's also possible to miss how much emotion they're bringing to the situation if you don't see them in their own books.

MJ and Tag are hot! They're steamy together, and Elley's sexy scenes just keep getting meltier.

I love that MJ plays on a female football team, and the introduction to those characters is fantastic. I'm so looking forward to more stories about each of them.

I received an ARC of this book from the author.