Uneven - Anah Crow 2.5 stars
I'm struggling with rounding up or down on this one. The number of typos is near epic. It's not a problem with the writing or style; it's flat-out wrong words which often start with the letter for the correct word. This is a lot like if auto-correct went ape all over this manuscript.

The story is good. I would have liked a bit more intro to Rase. He met Gabriel so early on that a lot of the telling of his personality pre-life changes is hard to buy into. He's a multi-billionaire Caption of Industry, but we're just supposed to take from his perspective how much of a jerk he was. And even the interactions with his ex-ex and kid don't necessarily lend credence to it. I had a hard time with that bit.

This is also not safe BDSM or play. This if flat out sadomasochism and violence. Each party is consenting, and the impression is that if Rase said ""no"" at any point, Gabriel would stop. There are no safe words, and no discussion of boundaries. That's a bit disturbing. Primarily because Gabriel has a past which would suggest he knows the rules and how to play.

This book requires a suspension of disbelief on many levels. It worked for me though. I liked reading Rase's journey to figuring himself out, and I especially liked his interactions with Takis.

There were some style issues too. I was all but convinced this was set in London until Rase went to Miami. There's a lot of British-English phrasing and word use, and they only mention being in ""the city"" with no explanation of which city. I eventually assumed NYC or maybe Boston, but I genuinely don't know. That felt odd.

So now I've talked myself into rounding down, though it's a solid 2.5. But I really did like a lot of this book and think it has value for some people in the right mood.