Yours All Along (A Loving on the Edge Novella)

Yours All Along (A Loving on the Edge Novella) - Roni Loren Hindsight has given me time to drop this review from 2.5 to 2. It's just not good.

This story is super underdeveloped. The relationship between Hunter and Devon built when they were in college. In present day, they're bare reconnected before they're back together. The flashbacks give a good perspective, but it makes the relationship disjointed.

Hunter is deep in the closet. He's a Senator's son and professional baseball player. He's also engaged. To a woman. He's weeks from marrying her, in fact. While she's not painted as completely awful, she's a bit of the worst kind of chick. She ""tests"" Hunter's loyalty. To the point of...ok. Spoiler. So I won't. But let me just say, it's ridiculous. It's offensive. It doesn't make it ok for him to end things how he does. Seriously. THAT'S how you want to dump your fiance? Nope. Not ok.

I felt for Hunter until that ending. The author did a good job of showing the relationship with his father and the challenges he faced. The flashbacks showed him as a really great, if young, guy. He was on Devon's side. He was figuring himself out. I empathized. I wanted his eventual HEA.

Let's talk about that HEA. It was abrupt. And incomplete. I think it's supposed to be HEA, but it barely qualifies at HFN. If you're going to spend half of the book building up why Hunter is so very deeply in the closet, I'm going to find it difficult to believe he just decides to be done with HIS WHOLE LIFE. Seriously. No. I don't buy it.

Oh, and the other guy was Devon. There's...very little about him. I mean, we know he did awesome things for his sister and was kicked out by his family. His issues are clearly secondary to Hunter's. But sure. He's completely likely to forgive Hunter in 5 mins. That's plausible.

The story just feels rushed at the end. It had potential to be a great book, but it was too short for the amount of emotional build-up.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review.