A Boy Called Cin

A Boy Called Cin - Cecil Wilde Unfortunately, this book didn't work well for me. These are two characters finding ways to be at peace with themselves and each other. I wanted to be invested, but I mostly felt informed. Cin spends much of the book teaching Tom about gender and sexuality. Readers are told over and over how 40yo Tom is being educated by this 20yo boy. Tom hasn't been able to find a sexual partner to really understand his feelings. Suddenly this wise boy gets him. I wish that was just sweet and wonderful. Instead, it was just this side of info-dump. While there weren't pages of definitions, I felt most of the character intimate moments were conversations where Cin assured Tom his feelings were perfectly normal. Some of it read more like therapy sessions than relationship building. I didn't feel much for them together until 80% or so, and by then, I wasn't that interested.

As a personal niggle, I don't particularly care for the phrase ""eat you out"" or variations of it. The author uses it 8 times in this book. While I like a good rimming scene, that phrase squicks me a little. Totally a personal taste issue.

I was provided an advanced copy of this book through Netgalley.