Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors - Anne Tenino 2.5 stars

""It didn't suck.""
That's the thought I had somewhere around 50% of this book when I was pondering my eventual review. I was really happy to learn Lucas and Gabe were going to get a book after my frustration about the short in [b:Lights, Camera, Cupid|24520101|Lights, Camera, Cupid (A Bluewater Bay Valentine's Day Anthology; Bluewater Bay #6)|S.E. Jakes||44119631]. It was a prequel (and I suggest reading it before this book). I liked Lucas a whole lot in that book, and I wanted his HEA. This book is 12 years later, and Lucas should be a grown up man. Instead, it felt like most of his teen resentments and stupid had lived on. In all the time he was gone, he didn't reevaluate his hometown. Instead, he avoided. I suppose this is understandable, and he makes strides as a grown up in the book.

I also thought around 50% that the plot and eventual conflict resolution was predictable. Turns out, I was wrong. The relationship and characters managed to surprise me. So it got better for me.

I think the book was too long. There were too many dragging moments (even some of the sexy times) with a lot of the overwritten introspection scenes. The prequel probably should have been a prologue. Someone recently pointed out the overuse of metaphors in a scene (different book) to me, and this book is a good example of that. There's plenty of navel gazing, but I still don't know if Lucas likes crunchy or smooth peanut butter.

If that paragraph wandered and confused you, consider it a good reflection of the way my mind wandered during this book.

The drunk scene is at least a bit of the LOL I enjoy about Anne Tenino's writing. So plus half a star for that. Overall, I just think it could have been better.