Lights, Camera, Cupid

Lights, Camera, Cupid - S.E. Jakes, Amy Lane, Z.A. Maxfield, Anne Tenino, L.A. Witt I went straight to the Anne Tenino story. And I'm BUMMED. It's not a full romance. Not even a HFN. It reads like a prologue. There's nothing on her website or Riptide to indicate there WILL be more. That's frustrating. If there IS going to be another book/continued story, I'm disappointed there wouldn't be an announcement. That's just poor marketing, and now I don't trust the other ""standalone"" stories in the book. So I'll pause in reading.

3/22/15 update: I read the SE Jakes story. I was...underwhelmed. Just not feeling it with this antho.

4/6/15 update: After finishing [b:Hell on Wheels|22468747|Hell on Wheels (Bluewater Bay #3)|Z.A. Maxfield||41908587], I read the ZAM follow up in this antho. Ignoring the obviously glaring timing issue with the epilogue from the novel, this is still...underwhelming. Nash basically putting himself in all kinds danger to fulfill a not-quite promise? Meh. OTT.

*I won free books for 3 months from Riptide publishing, and this is one of those titles.