Trust the Focus

Trust the Focus - Megan Erickson Sweet couple. Good story.
This is a pleasant story with some underdeveloped characters and story line. While I generally enjoyed this book, it didn't blow me away. There are some very emotional issues at work, but I didn't feel the depth I wanted to. Much of it struck me as tell not show. Not only between Justin and Landry, but also Justin and his mom. There's a lot of talk about how controlling she is, but the examples of it happening felt somewhat forced to me. Perhaps I just can't empathize with the degree of control Justin allows. It's not my nature, so that was hard to empathize with. The thing is, I count on an author to get me to the place where I can feel something even if it's not true to MY life experience. This just comes a little short.

That said, I think there's sweet and growth and good story here. It's worth reading. It just didn't knock me out, and I'd hoped for that with the premise and character arc.

*The author gave me an advanced copy of this book.