And Manny Makes Seven: a Mannies Incorporated novel

And Manny Makes Seven: a Mannies Incorporated novel - Sean Michael 2.5 stars

This is an overall sweet book. There's little to no conflict and zero relationship conflict. So it's just family sweetness.

I can appreciate that. What I don't appreciate is the inconsistencies with characters and the OMG BAD EDITING. By the time a character's name was misspelled, I wasn't even surprised. There were mild formatting issues too, but they paled in comparison to the nearly endless typos and missing words.

The character issues were niggling. Hutch has a dad, but you learn next to nothing about him or where he currently is. Hutch has zero life outside of the family and his job. Hutch is older than Adam, but I swear you don't learn his age until Chapter 23. Yes. I checked. Frustrating all around.

Also...I love endearments. I totally do. I don't understand how a character goes from never using them to using every other sentence. That's just silly.

Overall sweet. But if missing words and such are going to annoy you, stay away.