Deacon (The Unfinished Heroes Series Book 4)

Deacon (The Unfinished Heroes Series Book 4) - Kristen Ashley This might be the book in the Unfinished Heroes that I like best. Most likely because Deacon kept so much of his life from Cassidy.

As much as I love music and the use of it for books, this one was a bit odd. There was zero mention of songs or music until the end. As in, they sat quietly IN THE CAR. Quiet around the house and while they worked together was a key element. Then all of a sudden, they're communicating with songs. They're feeling great big things and using songs to share those feelings. Um. What? Where did that even come from? I didn't get it. I love the songs, and I love the emotions behind them. I did not love the feeling that suddenly these characters would communicate like this.