The Hook Up (Game On Book 1)

The Hook Up (Game On Book 1) - Kristen Callihan 3.5 stars
I had to round down, because EDITS, man. There were 2 in the first 6% and then scattered throughout. Clear cases of words spelled wrong or missing a letter so turned into another word. Look, spell-check is your friend, but it's not going to tell you ""though"" should be ""thought"".

Ok. End rant.

The story is sweet once you get past whiny-butt Anna at the beginning. I really wasn't grasping her issues vs HOW mean it felt like she acted towards Drew. Eventually, I got her. And I even grew to like her. I really like Drew. Dude is super sweet. They both broke my heart a bit near the end...or at 65% and THEN AGAIN near the end.

There's a lot of hot sexy times. Possibly...too many. I was skimming at times, because really, how many times can they just be THAT HOT for each other. I think the only time I've read this level of attraction, it was in a mated pairs paranormal. These two SENSE one another in any given space. For realz.

So there's dirty fun. There's emotion. It's good. Not great for me, but definitely worth the first time through.