Shaking the Sugar Tree

Shaking the Sugar Tree - Nick Wilgus First, let me say that my updates were supposed to be % done, not page # and GR on my phone is a jackass. Moving on...

This is a sweet story and more about Wiley's relationships and family than his romance. The romance bit was nice and featured a bunch of ""and then there were fireworks"" types of sex scenes.

My favorite character, hands down, was Noah. He broke my heart from his first scene and made me teary (or outright cry) multiple times. I love the relationship between him and Wiley, and it was the best part of the book.

I spent most of the book wanting to punch a good 80% of the secondary characters. There's a lot of jerks. I think it's fair to say they're the kind of jerks that DO exist. Not only in the South.

This story was nice and moving along fine and then it fell apart at about 70%. We hit the major relationship conflict (which is fairly major, especially in The Life and Times of Wiley), and the story speeds to a crazy, tie-a-bow-around-it finish. Suddenly, ALL of the conflicts are resolved, some of which are YEARS old. So then my head was spinning and the book was done.

It's an enjoyable read, but I think the ending leaves a lot to be desired...or not, such as it is.