Change My Mind - Elley Arden I received an ARC from the author.This is a 3.5 for me, and I rounded up for the beard-iness.The story of Nel and Grey is just so sweet. He's Captain Grumpy and she's the "Fairy Princess of Doom"...or so Grey thinks when she gives him a list of ways to fix up his house. Their dynamic is fantastic, and I loved the glimpses into Jordan and Maggie from SAVE MY SOUL. The Kemmons brothers are some dynamic boys with damaged familial relationships. Watching them wade through the mess left by their father is an important part of the way the romantic relationships develop. I enjoyed SAVE MY SOUL, but Grey and Nel have it beat. The contrast of his gruffness and her sweet are perfect, and I loved them together. And chemistry? They got it. These two are steaming up the kitchen, the garage, the elevator...there's some steam.