Untitled (Rock Chick, #8) - Kristen Ashley This is fantastic! It was the best possible completion for this series, and I'm so excited by the prospect for a spin-off with more Hot Guy badasses. Indy and Ally are the original Rock Chicks, and we've come full circle by ending with Ally and Ren's story. I liked Ren in the previous book, but I LOVE Ren with Ally. He's just beyond hot and thoughtful and woooooonderful. Luke was my fave of the Hot Bunch until this book. I'm now completely stuck for a #1. I may have to re-read for comparisons...Ally isn't the typical Rock Chick, either. She holds her ground in ways I didn't see as much in the other books. There are moments in all of the other stories where I found myself frustrated when the ladies give in to caveman behaviors by the guys. In this, I think Ally excels. She was able to determine the fights worth fighting and exhibits a maturity and belief in herself that was lacking from the rest of the Rock Chicks. For those qualities, she's my #1 of the Chicks, for sure. Per usual, the sex is H-A-W-T. KA never disappoints in the chemistry arena, and Ally and Ren steam up the pages/kindle screen. I will say, I wasn't overly crazy with the secondary story of the books within book. I won't get spoilery, but for those who know about the newspaper Rock Chick stories, I'll tell you that carries on in new and somewhat irritating ways. I think it's an attempt at cute or some such, and I mostly felt disinterested in it. While any of the Rock Chicks CAN be read stand-alone, I think it's a mistake to go out of order. Characters are introduced along the way, and the previous stories are referenced frequently as the Rock Chick/Hot Bunch hook-ups carry on.