Beyond Pain (Beyond, #3) - Kit Rocha I received an ARC of this from the author.Book 3 of the Beyond Series, and I'm seriously hooked. Kit Rocha is an auto buy for me, and I can NOT wait to see what happens in this world. The development is so complex, and the whole of the O'Kane family is engaging. While Bren and Six weren't my most anticipated couple, I thoroughly enjoyed their story. Each is a heartbreaking character with so much in their past to overcome. Bren was exiled from Eden, but he's been a soldier forever. Now he uses his soldier skills for the O'Kanes. Six was once a feared female in her sector, but she was enslaved by an Evil Bad Man. She's now in the care of Bren and the gang. Bren's ability to handle her with care is so touching. He's a seriously sensitive badass, and how can you not love him for that? Six has obviously understandable trust issues, and it's beautiful to watch them let down their walls with each other. This is not a standalone book. The world and character development begins in BEYOND SHAME, and readers will miss out on so much of the build-up to each story if they don't begin there. We witnessed Six's "release" to the O'Kane's, and her first exposures to their sector in earlier books. I REALLY recommend starting at the beginning to fully enjoy and be invested in these characters. Each book allows us to see simultaneous story lines, and we can begin to cheer on our favorites for the next book. I'm already highly anticipating Book 4, and I'll plan to re-read 1-3 to be immersed and ready before the release.