His Ring Is Not Enough - Maisey Yates I was given an ARC by the author.Maisey Yates writes some lovely stories. Unfortunately, I had a really difficult time connecting with these characters. Ajax suffered very severe traumas as a child and young teen, and he's formed all of his life plans around his actions as a child. Leah has lived her whole life in the shadow of her sister. Both of these themes were repeated time and again and AGAIN in the text. I found myself skimming the paragraphs where each character went through their hangups and issues. The "I'm a monster" and "I'm as good as my sister. Quick! Put on an ice queen snark mask" words were redundant. Issues, you got 'em. I got it. Also, Leah continuously SAID she protected herself and was putting up walls. When? I didn't see that. From nearly the first time they interact, she starts telling him she wants him and wants the marriage to be for real. Why? Why do you want a business-arrangement marriage to be real? I would have found this more believable if they said, "We'll fake it for a while and then divorce." At least then the "business arrangement" makes sense. There was some good sex. I liked those bits. Good chemistry between them, and I appreciate that Ajax was scared to hurt her. His struggle with his past was painful, and I'm glad they got to HEA.