Heart's Sentinel - P.J. Schnyder While I liked the characters here, I found the world slightly crazy. There seems to be a few hundred years post-apocalyptic theme, but it was very hard to grasp. At no time did I have a clear understanding of what had happened to the world/human population. There were robotic humanoids and apparently voice-activated household items. Yet the whole wilderness vibe was depicted as more primitive. In addition, I have no idea what Mac did prior to her attack. There's very little about her life before the attack, and she's all of 22. Her repeated assertions of "adulthood" and experience were a little hard to swallow. I'm also not quite sure WHEN the attack happened in relation to the story. It may have been shared early on, and I missed it though.There were just a few too many things happening for my comfort in this book. Stalker and human hunters and jet packs and all. I suppose it's a set-up for future stories, but I just had a really difficult time meshing all the pieces in my mind.