Crashing the Congressman's Wedding - Elley Arden Elley is a talented author and has great style. I enjoy the dual character perspectives and voices. I really enjoyed her debut, SAVE MY SOUL. That said, Justin and Alice weren't characters I felt warm and fuzzy towards individually. Alice begins the book madly in love with him...but why? He's a puppet to the political world and his father's aspirations for him. She grew up with him, and I think the love is based on the boy/man he was pre-Congressman. Why she loves him now is anyone's guess. As for Alice, this chick is a hot mess. She's got insecurities like whoa. I suppose that's what makes her very real. Justin sees her as a much stronger and capable woman than she'll, possibly ever, see herself.Here's where the dual voices make an impression. If I only saw either character from their own eyes, I may have given this a lower rating. The fact that I got to view them through the other gave me pause. While neither would be MY ideal, I think faults and all make them quite perfectly dysfunctional for each other. I'll be curious to see what characters in Harmony Falls will star in future stories. I'll definitely be checking back for more.