Autumn - Sierra Dean I was given a copy by the author in exchange for a fair review.I don't read a lot of YA, as I find the teens often too angsty and immature to deal with. That said, I really enjoyed this story. Cooper and Lou both enter with serious and adult-type baggage. They are each singled out within the tiny community of Poisonfoot and find their way to each other. Their comfort and trust with one another is very instinctual and develops quickly. It was a comfortable fit, and I was happy they had each other. The adults in the story were actually the most frustrating part. There's a lot of warning and "do as I say" behavior that made me want to smack them. With all Cooper and Lou have been through and have ahead, they deserve more respect from the adults in their lives. I could easily relate to their frustration and was cheering for them each time they bucked against the restrictions imposed.While the ending isn't shockingly abrupt, it definitely left so much unanswered. I'll definitely be looking for Book 2, though I may wait for the series to be complete before I continue. I'm not a fan of waiting; I'm far too impatient.