Memory of Morning - Susan Sizemore I was skeptical of this book from the beginning. First person. Historical, but not really. It's not Earth (I don't think), but it's not some advanced planet/species of people. So. Was I going to like it? YES. This is a well-developed world with great characters. While I was cheering for the "hero" from nearly the first page, I truly didn't know how things would turn out at so many points. It's not a traditional romance in any sense. The heroine dates, even sleeps with, other men. You can't even be sure she's going to decide to like him the best, let alone love him. And the story wasn't even about her romance. It's about her breaking barriers, figuring out who she is as an adult woman as her formal education is ending, and sorting through complex emotions for a cast of men. If I have any complaints is that I wish there were more direct interactions with the hero/heroine. I felt rather lost as it ended. I wanted more interaction and more time to spend with them together. It's not the point of the novel though, and I'll accept it. I did promptly find and download the short story from the same world.