Finding Master Right - L.A. Witt I enjoyed this story. That said, it felt like I stepped into it mid-scene. The description told me the guys "just" hooked up for the first time. I still wanted more, though. The angst in this story comes from both guys worrying about ruining their friendship. Other than the repeated "we're such good friends" statements (internally and out loud), there wasn't a whole lot convincing me this was true. Additionally, I have little idea what either looks like. Both have super sexy abs, and Derek has a tribal tattoo...somewhere noticeable when he's shirtless. Presumably, they both have real jobs and are of some age. These basic details are missing, however. The bears Derek meets get better physical and age descriptions than our two heroes. While none of this is critical information, it gave me moments of "but how am I supposes to SEE that?". If details aren't your thing (and S&M IS), this is a great story for you.