Unbeautifully  - Madeline Sheehan

Much like the first book in this series UNBEAUTIFULLY follows the relationship of the young daughter of a motorcycle club president and one of the older boys. Unlike UNDENIABLE, the author didn't sell me on this May/December romance. There was a lot of sex. In fact, Ripper and Danny managed to all but break each other in bed. So that's hawt o_O 

Ripper experienced major trauma a few years before the story begins. While I appreciate the deep, dark, and twisty going on in his head, I'm not sure where or how his healing occurred. It felt like the author wanted us to accept that his being with Danny made him all better. Really? How did this (first 18 year old) girl, without ever talking about it or hearing the full story, kiss his boo boos away? And she IS young. She was raised in the club, but she's all sunshine, pink fuzz, and cheerleader. I can appreciate she went through some family hell. In fact, we're told she was raised by barely-there parents. Yet she maintains her innocence in ways some might find unbelievable. If you can accept the innocence, then I'm not quite sure how you accept the relationship and how it plays out. 

The violence in this book was quite difficult too. There's some significant violence towards women that I found nauseating. I know the first book had these elements too. For some reason, I was able to forgive or at least understand it in book 1. I found it much more difficult to stomach here. And there's a degree of acceptance about Ripper and his role in the club that's also really hard for me. 

Overall, I think I found this story confusing. I wasn't quite sure what Danny saw in Ripper with the way he treated her. The relationship just didn't feel real to me. It was based very much on lust, violence, and even fear. I don't know if I'll be continuing with this series. The setups in this book for future stories mostly make me want to scream at characters and kick several very hard in the junk.