The Seduction of Esther - Jennifer Wilck I was given a copy of this book by the author.This is a very sweet story. Samara is a clumsy, lovable woman with a huge heart. Nathaniel is a single dad trying to settle into full-time parenting and give his daughter stability. His ex-wife left some damage in her wake, and he's not the most trusting fellow. The story of Sam and Nat is full of growth and learning, and it's interwoven in the synagogue's inner workings. I really enjoyed learning more about Judaism, temple life, and Purim as Samara works as the choir director and Nathaniel and his daughter are new congregates. The story is told from their perspectives as well as a few others from the synagogue. I was, however, unhappy with the character Josh. His obsession with Sam is severely unhealthy, and we see many instances of him overstepping. The glimpses into his perspective show the mind of a very sick individual. While I didn't object to that, I WAS unhappy with the evolution of Josh. He made some rather abrupt realizations and course changes near the end of the story. The author worked to redeem him, and I felt it was drastic for the amount of disturbing behavior he exhibited through most of the book. I'm in favor of redemption, but I've never seen a real person so quickly take responsibility for such narcissistic behaviors.