Cloak and Silence  - Sherrilyn Kenyon

I adore Sherrilyn Kenyon's The League. The characters are so deep and emotionally damaged. The stories are compelling, and the world-building is rich. After Darling and Zarya's book, I was so interested to see the story of Maris and Ture, their best friends. Unfortunately, this story left a bit to be desired. Maris has a long and tortured past, and I feel we barely scraped the surface of it. I felt their relationship happened in a series of "they spent time together" sweeping descriptions. I wanted to see more of it and how it built.


And then there was the sexy times. While fairly explicit, there were things that felt off to me. Most striking and pull me out of the story moment was the lack of lube. I won't say more, but it really bothered me. I read a fair amount of m/m, so maybe I'm just hyper-aware of certain things. There was also some seemingly off choreography. There was a case of the disappearing clothes. It was commented on after the fact, but it bothered me as it was happening. I had a "wait, what? How is this possible? Isn't he still wearing at least pants???" moment.


Overall, it's a sweet story, and I quite love Maris and Ture together. It just fell short for me in what I've come to expect from The League books.


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