Four Corners

Four Corners - Kate McMurray 2.5 stars
While I enjoyed this story, the plot felt circular. ""I love him, do I trust him, but I love him"" and repeat. I was honestly a bit sick of being inside of Jake's head. I'm not sure I would have liked it more with an alternating POV, but maybe so. Adam certainly has a lot swirling around inside of him. The first person from Jake's perspective had me alternating feeling sympathy for Adam and wanting to kick him in the shins. Which I think is how Jake felt and is reflected in the circular plot.

There's also the small matter of Kyle's bisexuality. That's how he identifies, and yet Jake is fairly dismissive. When the subject is first introduced, Jake says it's a bit of a mystery. Then he goes on to a flashback to the teen years where Kyle tells them he IS bisexual. mystery there. When the following present day convo happens between the two, I wanted to punch Jake.
""You know,"" I said, ""I'm starting to think that the only reason you think you're bisexual is that you've run out of new women to fuck.""
Kyle frowned. ""You don't think I'm bisexual? Because I have slept with a few men. Not as many as you, probably, but--""
I rolled my eyes. ""Come on, Longo. I appreciate your sense of sexual adventure, but at the end of the night, wouldn't you rather go home with a woman?""
""Sure. Who wouldn't?""
""I wouldn't.""

Thus proving you're GAY, Jake, not disproving one of your besties is bi. Go burn your judgy pants, buddy. I'm really hoping this scene only serves to prove how very judgmental Jake is, not only about Kyle's sexuality, but in the way Adam chooses to express HIS gayness. They fight about this multiple times, and in each case, I felt more and more sympathy for Adam trying to compromise with Jake's idea that his way of being out and proud was the only way to be. I didn't love how it sometime sounded like Adam was being condescending, but I think that's ALL Jake was focusing on.

I do think all of that was deliberate, but I suppose it's why I didn't love being stuck in Jake's brain for the whole book. So yes. I did enjoy this book at times. I overall liked the relationship when Jake and Adam were sweet together, and I like the brotherhood of the 4 men. My feelings on the book are about as circular as the plot.