Doubleback - Lissa Ford I liked Jude. He’s a bit of a tortured hero. The worst of the life experiences should be in his past what with the shooting and life/reputation destroying results. His current issues are not minor. He’s dealing with Some Stuff as a result of his past. Jude is doing ok though. He’s got his routines and his dog and nature. He’s healing.

Then along comes a dead body. Because of COURSE some psycho thinks that’s all fun and games. And along comes Rowan as the investigator. No meet cute here. These two have History. The messy kind of History that can only be summed up in with capital “M” for Miscommunication. These guys apparently spent more time screwing than speaking in their past relationship. Naturally, that led to problems when Jude was shot.

These guys together are good. I liked seeing them dance around. It’s worth noting (for those who care about these things), the mystery was kind of underwhelming. From the minute the big bad made an appearance, I figured who was the nut who liked dropping off bodies. It took maybe 5 more pages to figure out the motive behind it. I don’t require my romantic suspense to be all that suspenseful, so it didn’t particularly bother me.

Overall, enjoyable book, and I’d like to read what’s next in the tale of Jude and Rowan.

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