Love is a Stranger

Love is a Stranger - John  Wiltshire 3.5 stars

This book is alternately fantastic and boring. It's a very long book, and the story isn't so long. There's repetitive issues. (You say you're attractive, Ben? To both sexes? Because sexy model man? Noooo, tell me MOAR.) And pacing issues. There are pages about how Ben feeeels, but he's too scared to talk about it with Nikolas. Again with the repetitive. The relationship is less of an arc and more of a loop until we get off the ride at the end. It's long. Then it ENDS. Swear to you, the end is just that. End. Nothing sorted. Well, the relationship seems fine. The bigger issues are going to be resolved (hopefully) in the next book. It's an abrupt ending. It's not a cliff-hanger though.

So I started with ""fantastic"" and then got off the rails a bit. I did really like this. So much so, I immediately got the next book. I haven't started it yet, but I will very soon. The relationship is interesting (despite the utter LACK OF LUBE), and there are some great plot twists. I found the story compelling, and I wanted to keep reading. So that's the fantastic. Maybe I'll understand more why after the next book.