Kick Start

Kick Start  - Josh Lanyon Not a great end (if it's the end) of this series. While it's good to see them finally with some family dynamics, it was generally a wandering story with little purpose. And there's one significant loose end that makes me wonder about the possible continuation of the series. That said, if there's going to be more to these guys, I'd like some actual development and growth. They're finally communicating (only took 5 books and a 5 year friendship/relationship), but I'd like real growth somewhere. This didn't exactly showcase the best of the series, though it's nowhere near the mess of the first book.

Also, I really like to see some improvements to the editing here. I don't know how this can be an updated edition and STILL lots of typos/formatting issues. Much as I'm a fangirl, the sometimes sloppy editing in Lanyon's books can be cringeworthy. Glomming this series in the last 48 hrs has made that point to me once again.