Santuario - G.B. Gordon So SO GOOD! This is fantastic world building with no info dump. And if that's not impressive enough, it's 2 very distinct cultures with separate worlds. This book focuses on Santuario and Alex's culture, but we see enough of Bengt's confusion and questions to understand some of his too. I can NOT WAIT for the sequel which is set in Bengt's world. I wouldn't recommend even the blurb for that until you've finished reading here.

The ending here isn't HEA or really quite a HFN. It IS hopeful though. I'd say it could stand alone and some readers could be content with it. People who need the complete happy ending should definitely plan to read on though. And it's no hardship. This is wonderful writing and engaging character building along with social justice and injustices mixed in with some murder and crazy. While the murder brings Alex and Bengt together, and the investigation is the key to everything, I think it's a great balance with them learning about one another. This book is really well done.