The Rebuilding Year

The Rebuilding Year - Kaje Harper 3.5 stars
I enjoyed the characters. It's sort of a double GFY, and I like that it wasn't some massive OTT struggle. These are mature characters figuring out who they are in life, with one another, and in the context of their other relationships. It's bit odd to me how it ended. The book is long and doesn't particularly drag, but the last little few paragraphs leave a tiny bit hanging as to how things will be in the future in some ways. I'm a little disappointed in that. I don't need everything in a bow. At the same time, unless there's a sequel, I don't understand why you'd leave certain things on the table.

There's a secondary mystery/action story happening. I thought it worked to complement the main story without detracting or trying to turn the book into something it's not.

Good book. Good characters. Definitely recommend.