St. Nacho's (St. Nacho's #1)

St. Nacho's (St. Nacho's #1) - Z.A. Maxfield This story felt incomplete to me. Shawn is deaf, a busboy, in school, and has a sister. However many pages later, that's still all I know about him. This wasn't a short story. There was plenty of time for Cooper to know more about him. He didn't. But love. Also, first person or not, I don't understand how many times you can reference your own ink and piercings without telling us what they are. He's pierced and tattooed, check.

And somehow Cooper goes from ""super duper full of guilt guy"" to ""I can totally move on and be healed guy""...and I didn't really believe it. Things and stuff happen with other characters, and I'm not really sure quite how that absolved him or where the realization came in. It just happened. And then it just ended. Almost more a HFN than HEA to me, because I seriously don't know how they even know enough to be in capital L-Love.