Cross & Crown

Cross & Crown - Abigail Roux ""Yeah, I'm perving on you. What, then?""

This book has the distinction of causing me frustration the further I get from finished. I wasn't at the end. I was wishing for some more of...something, but it was indistinct. One sleep later, and I'm mildly disgruntled and not sure how to rate this. So let's try this wandering of my thoughts...

What I like:
The witty dialogue and laugh out loud moments. I was grinning through much of this story. Nick and Kelly are funny and oh-so-sweet and hot together.

What bugs me:
Nick and Kelly's relationship is...sometimes weird. Great big lovefest except they both spend moments thinking the other is dumping him. Um, what? Why? How come? On top of that, the relationship timeline is mushy and bleeds all over from other books and series. Kelly is surprised by how out Nick is (multiple times), and yet, Kelly seems to have been to Boston for some previous visits during this relationship. When? Who knows. Did I mention mushy timeline?

They're also trying to work out this long distance relationship thing. It seems like they'll have a real discussion about it and their future...but no. Off to do some police detecting, no time for relationship convos. But love, man. They love each other. Which they say a lot in this book. Aww. *smooshes their adorable faces* And it will probably lead them to a HEA, right? I can't say. Not because spoilers, but because I seriously don't know. They wrap up the relationship challenges with a neat bow at the end, but...I don't buy this is the end. And here's why...

There's this carryover issue from the last book where we saw Nick and Kelly. I'm not going to ruin anything for anyone, but there was a Liam moment. And then NOTHING. Kid you not, this book doesn't touch it for real. You *could* (maybe if you stretch) say there's a tiny moment of foreshadowing about it. Well ok then. Guess the end of this book is not the end for them.

Speaking of carryover issues, Julian Cross. Yes, he makes an appearance. No, I'm not going to tell you why. I WILL tell you, I was slightly frustrated about this too. How/why Julian finds himself in this plot is...sketchy, at best. The series of events (not that we hear about it in detail) that draws him to this is vague and leaves me wondering where all his previous bad*ssery has wandered off to. Getting soft in retirement, perhaps?

And the plot. It's less Scooby Doo than the last Ty and Zane adventure, so that's good. It certainly left a lot unresolved. And the bad guys were not as bad as I'd have expected, all things considered.

Getting back to the relationship for a moment, let me say, I'm getting tired of the secrets. You'll share info on police investigations and *some* classified national security type stuff, but your background and personal history is off limits. Fabulous. That's made of healthy, let me tell ya. I'm not sure how to interpret these things. It truly baffles me. I get frustrated in the other series like this for the same reason, but it seems even more hinky in this book where they've been so together in so many ways for SO LONG.

One final babble. The sex. There's chemistry like whoa between these two, and it's HAWT. Despite that, there's minimal actual sexy times in this book. And the biting. Guys. I can Not express enough disappointment enough here: there are bite MARKS. More than once. Know what there isn't? On the page BITING. C'mon, seriously? Where's all the hot, aggressive, sweaty sex-puppet times?? Lacking. Sadly lacking.

Despite all of what sounds like grumble, I did like this book. I like anything that makes me laugh. I enjoy this world, and I'm sure I'll keep reading this and the other books set in Sidewinder-land. I don't, however, recommend this to anyone as a first read. In fact, you should absolutely figure out how all of these books (Ty and Zane, Julian and Cameron, Nick and Kelly) fit together, and read as intended. There's confusion for me at times, and I HAVE read in order.