Collision Course

Collision Course  - K.A. Mitchell 2.5 stars
I rounded up for the super sexy times in this. There's a lot of hawt. There's also a lack of character development. I'm not a fan of Aaron or Joey, so that makes it a bit more of a challenge to enjoy the book. Aaron is a jerk who barely makes it above ""complete asshat"" status before the end of the book. Joey is a brat in the not-cute way. He thinks he's cute. Other people think he's adorable and irresistible. In case you miss that in the first chapters, don't worry. You'll be told again and again throughout.

I had a few problems with the writing. While there were lots of sexy times, there was a lot of confusion about who had what body parts where. Though their names were used repeatedly (and I know it's hard when there are two he/him MCs), I wasn't always clear on who was doing what when and in what position. There was almost too much detail, if that's possible. Which, I guess it was.

I've had this author in my TBR for a while, and the books come highly recommended. So I'll try some more. But I won't be re-reading this one.