Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch - Heidi Cullinan Aaron and Giles are figuring out who they are. This is a sweet and sometimes heartbreaking journey for them. They spent a lot of this book wandering around in a bit of a ""who am I, how do I get back to him"" fog.

While I do enjoy them together (and even separately), I find I liked the secondary characters even more. It was wonderful to see Walter and Kelly again, and I especially liked Walter's role in Aaron's life. I'm also crazy drawn to Baz (despite his jerkface moments), and I hurt so hard for Elijah.

My most favorite secondary character of this book is the music. It's ABSOLUTELY critical to the story, and I pulled up songs to play while reading just because they were mentioned. This book should have a playlist, and I don't think a reread will be completed without me cuing up these songs.

This is a solid second book in the series, and I'm really super looking forward to what's next.

Update: It's even better the 2nd time around. And the music! Listen to Heidi's spotify soundtrack for this when you're reading! You won't be disappointed.

Update AGAIN: Yeah, I know, but Heidi made this gif-set of the reading of FP, and OMG, YES! It is exactly how I felt all the way through. So if you're wondering how you may feel, go see.