Double Blind

Double Blind  - Heidi Cullinan Oh the feels! So many for Randy and Ethan AND Sam and Mitch. I enjoyed seeing more of the latter's relationship and how it can be with Randy now. The mind games were extra twisty with some additional players giving Randy a run for his money in that department.

Ethan is so screwed up and strong at the same time. I like him with Randy so much. They're a great pair with all the right mix of hot and emotional eeeeverything.

This was a heavy book for the most part. A lot of emotional baggage to work through, and I appreciate getting to the end and not feeling rushed. Things don't end tied in a neat bow. There's clearly still going to be more work ahead for all of these guys. But I left feeling like they WILL. It'll be work, but it's a HEA.

I did find myself skimming more than a little of the poker lessons. I know the basics, and I found the details boring. I also question the managers or owners of a casino playing at their own tables. Seems dodgy, but it didn't detract from the good parts here.