The Opposite of Nothing

The Opposite of Nothing - Shari Slade This is a sweet story about college kids figuring their stuff out. Callie and Tayber have some heavy emotional baggage and have found a great friendship together. Their dynamic is nice and comfortable. I was uncomfortable with Callie's ""Sasha"" deception. At the same time, I know I've done things under the influence of lust that others would find uncomfortable. Those feelings lent an authenticity to the story that I can appreciate.

There were passages of way too many adjectives, adverbs, similes, get the gist. I would have liked some of that pared down and less wordy.

The sexy times are sexy though. The online chats were super steamy.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story, and I'd rec it to anyone looking for some steamy angst and HEA.

I received an advanced copy from the author.