Way Off Plan

Way Off Plan - Alexa Land 1.5 stars

There are some sexy times here, but there are also epic-sized plot holes. The ""love-at-first f*kc"" bit was only a small part of an overall ""are you kidding me?"" theme in this book. Cops don't act that way. Mob bosses don't act that way. Defying stereotypes doesn't work out quite like this, and after soooo many pages of ""I love yous"" and screwing, everything can not be tied up in the world's neatest bow.

Also, total personal peeve. The story is told from first person POV and it's all Jamie all the time. Jamie explicitly tells us he doesn't like the endearment ""baby"" but doesn't mind it when Dmitri says it to him. Ok, great. THEN Jamie uses it for Dmitri for the rest of the book. Whaaa? No. Just no. Find another word. There are plenty. Don't choose the one that the MC ALREADY said he doesn't like.

I rounded up for sexy times, and I gave 1/2 for not total shite grammar and writing.