Something Like Summer

Something Like Summer  - Jay Bell Let's break it down by the numbers...

Part 1.
Around 50% of the book lives in Part 1. And by ""lives"", I mean drags us through a very short time period (relatively; I'll get to that) with far too much angst and detail for my liking. The teen angst, my gawd. I'm not sure if this is YA, NA, or grown-up fiction, but it spends quality boring time on the end of high school. Ben stalks Tim; Ben gets Tim. Then all the identity stuff happens. I couldn't figure out why Ben was so into Tim. not at all at any point in Part 1.

Part 2.
We now zip through the college years. Ben meets Jace. Relationship ensues. Tim re-emerges. The expected first love vs. current love Love Triangle occurs. At this point, I'm not really sure why Jace likes Ben or Ben likes Tim. Tim liking Ben is the only bit that DOES make sense, and it's only a co-dependency issue.

Part 3.
Zipping even faster, speed-demon style. Ben is happy. Ben is sad. Ben is cautiously happy again. Ben is so so sad. And here I cried a touch. It's too spoilery to say why I cried, but really? How could you?? Too bad that doesn't make me like this story.

And here we come to an interesting bit. If asked before this, I would have said ""romance"" is defined as having a HEA or HFN BEFORE the Epilogue. The Epilogue serves to give a future glimpse of happiness. Not so here. The end of Part 3 offers very little hope.

So this is really the end that gives a kind of HFN. I have no idea why, and I don't have real hope for the couple.

There's also a bit of writing style that bugged me. At one point Ben decides to follow the ""warm light"" in a coffee shop where ""warmth"" was on offer. It's my first by this author, so I have no idea if this is the norm. I'm not in a hurry to find out though.