Tell Me It's Real

Tell Me It's Real - T.J. Klune This is the most laugh out loud funny book I've read ever. EVER. I laughed EVERYWHERE while reading this. I laughed so hard, I cried. And snorted. Repeatedly.

The book is told from Paul's first person POV. Paul's inner monologue is hilarious, but his interactions are as well. There's a lot of dirty and inappropriate here. Be prepared for pony boy and fisting jokes. Oh so many crazy things.

I was a bit uncomfortable with Paul's opinions of himself. I spent much of the first part of the book wondering why the people in his life were so convinced he's such a great guy. When I finally began to understand his appeal, I was floored by just how great he is. And then I was mad at him for believing anything else. And then I cried sad tears when he was an amazing friend.

There was one point where I didn't think Paul was so great again. Vince is going through some deeply personal stuff, and Paul decides to insert himself into the situation. I recognized he was doing it for good reasons, but his logic was screwed. It was ultimately a selfish move that didn't take into account how Vince would feel. It felt like a huge betrayal to me, and I was disappointed with how it was handled. There was some misplaced anger, and the resolution was a bit odd to me.

I wanted Paul to nut up and admit he was wrong...wait. A balls joke. But balls are so fragile and a flick will take down the owner. Unlike a vagina. Now a vag is strong and takes a pounding. That being true, WHY are there so many weak as a vagina or girl jokes in this book? Paul's a bitchy queen; we get it. Is it really necessary to continuously remind the reader that Paul's emotional side makes him girly or a walking vagina? ...

No. The answer is no, nope, nada, not at all, MAKE IT STOP.

I tried to keep reminding myself that the thoughts were true to the character. Even the use of ""vagina"" rather than a more vulgar term was an example of polite Paul. It didn't work.

Ultimately, it's minus 1 star for ""vagina""...and trust me, that hurts to type.