Catch a Ghost

Catch a Ghost  - S.E. Jakes 3.5 Stars

I was super excited for this book. Some of my challenges with it may have been how much I wanted to just looooove it after reading the sample. It's a good book. I liked it enough to immediately roll into book 2. I like the premise and the characters. Prophet and Tom are complex and dark guys. They've each had Very Bad Things in their lives and are harboring All The Secrets. That's about the standard for these tropes, right? So it was good at that.

This book/series has been repeatedly compared to Abigail Roux's Cut & Run books. It's unfortunate, because I found myself comparing throughout. Unfair of me, but that's the way I came into it. I think I looked for similarities. They certainly exist.

But Prophet and Tom are different from Roux's guys in many ways too. Prophet is gentle and caring in wonderfully surprising ways even when he's being a smartass. I actually found him less irritating than he was supposed to be according to him and others.

One tiny thing in the writing that irked me (on an extremely nitpicky level): ""the man"". I particularly noticed when in Tom's POV. The author repeatedly called Prophet ""the man"". When you have 2 same sex characters in any scene (and maybe especially in intimate scenes), pronouns are a challenge. That said, I've never noticed a repetition like this, and it kept grabbing my attention.

As I said, I immediately started (and finished) book 2. Part of the reason for that is that this book is not a HEA. It isn't a great standalone romance, so be forewarned. If you enjoy this one, you'll need to make time for 2. I did, and I'm so glad for it.