Battling the Best Man

Battling the Best Man - Elley Arden Upgraded to 3.5 for bacon.

Will and Kory have been competing since their teen years. Kory is finally a doctor in Chicago and escaped Harmony Falls. She's back to be maid of honor in her best friend's wedding and spends the weekend avoiding Will, the best man. Then bad things happen and Kory decides to stay in town for a bit to help her family.

The relationship between these two is tumultuous and hot. They each have intense family pressures. There's also the personal history. I was a bit surprised with how little of her upset Kory ultimately told Will about. She started the book with a lot of anger and bitterness toward him as a result of things from high school. I was unconvinced by how easily she seemed to get over those residual emotions.

I like how they individually come to certain decisions at the end of the book. I would have liked to see Will tell Kory his decisions, but I'm glad things worked out as they did.

This was another solid story by this author, and I continue to look forward to her next books.

I forgot to mention THERE'S BACON! And chocolate and biting. I'm adding 1/2 a star for these things.