Cards On The Table

Cards On The Table - Josh Lanyon 2.5 stars (rounded up for writing style)
This book is clever and the characters are sweet. The writing is strong, and I enjoyed the author's style. It's my first by Lanyon, and I'll read more of his stuff.

The overall story didn't engage me. It didn't exactly feel rushed, but in a few short days, an author manages to be threatened and solve a 50 year old murder case. Books take months to write. Why did this suddenly all come together? Plus, Tim has all kinds of things in his personal life that just come barreling out at us. His impressions of Jack's behavior vs Jack's actual feelings were off too. It wasn't that I felt Tim was misreading Jack; more Jack was giving off mixed signals and their ending came together too smoothly for me.

A short story can encompass many angles and emotions. This one just didn't hit the right notes for me. I was sadly bored and vaguely disbelieving.