Concubine - Jill Knowles This story is underdeveloped and filled with WTFery. It's well-written WTFery though.

And it's HAWT. Steamy deliciousness.

I typically steer clear of the concubine/slave themes, even in alternate worlds, paranormal, etc. While I had a few moments of discomfort about Kael's enslavement, it was handled well overall.

This book is fun. It embraces its ridiculous (or I hope so) and just has a good time. Without crap writing. I appreciate that maybe the most.

UPDATE 12/05/13 My (slightly inebriated) roommate and I were discussing this book, and, after she got past the fact that no warm-blooded demon could have scales BECAUSE SCIENCE, she became fascinated by the raspberry jizz. And the Prince. And the purple. And she decided the entire book is based on Prince (or The Artist) dressed in purple sparkly pantsuit singing ""Raspberry Beret"". I'm not sure she's wrong.