Fire Inside

Fire Inside - Kristen Ashley Hop is in my top 5 for KA heroes. He's sexy and sweet. He's a great dad, and he is BEYOND thoughtful with Lanie. She's got some serious monsters, and he's determined to slay them. How is that not HAWT?

Lanie has some drama. There's no doubt about it. While we hear she loses it over fizzy soda, I didn't see much evidence to that effect. She's cool around Chaos, and she's good with Hop's kids. There's a lot of talk about her drama, but I saw more of it in Motorcycle Man than in this. She DOES overreact to some things, though most to me were justified within the context of her life.

This is an emotional read and very much about healing. Lanie has been faking it through life for 7 years. Hopper is able to finally break through her walls, and he helps her get past so much. He's her shield. And it's beautiful.