Bad Idea (Itch Series)

Bad Idea (Itch Series) - Damon Suede 2.5 stars
I wanted to like this book. I tried really hard to love it even. No dice. It's so very very long. There's easily 30% of the story that's just padding and word fluff. I spent a good bit of the book drowning in the words and general confusion. Admittedly, some of my confusion came from not being familiar with comics or even action heroes to this kind of detail. While I appreciate attention to detail, the amount of it (with quotes and inside jokes) became difficult to follow.

I'm not much of a Trip fan. I feel bad saying it, because I feel like he's the dude I'm supposed to be rooting for. I'm not. Trip is a grown-up who ignores all the life advice from all his nearest and dearest. While the reasons or logic for that is explained (time and again, did I mention the wordiness?), I'm not buying it. The resolution for this story required Trip being beat over the head with his ""truths"" in no less than FOUR conversations. He had loads of realizations and ""ah ha"" moments and yet...yeah. Nope. That was at least 2 too many for me.

And frankly, what is Silas even doing with Trip? As much as no one wants to side with the jackhole best friend, I'm with him here.

There's also some timeline stuff I wasn't clear on. While we get a lot of dates and such to follow (holidays, etc), there were also times where the relationship seemed as if it had progressed quickly, and I'm not sure how. The most notable was when Silas went away the first time. I only counted 3 dates before that trip, but some of the references indicated a much deeper connection. I KNOW deep-ish things transpired, but the emotions and reactions felt disproportionate.

I do wish I could have liked this one. The potential was there, for sure. And the sex was HAWT. The rest sadly left me cold.