Closing the Loop

Closing the Loop - Jane Davitt I read this book a few weeks ago, and I’m still not over the disappointment. I loved Ms. Davitt's Life Drawing but Closing the Loop was not for me.

There were some clever lines and evidence of the writing style I liked previously, but there was far more OHMYGOSHWHAT’SEVENHAPPENING moments. I don’t make a habit of quoting books in my reviews, as I think most things need context. That said, I’m providing quotes here to illustrate my extreme displeasure.

First, an example of something that made me smile:

“Gay cruises. Whoever invented them deserved a rainbow-shaped medal.”

And then there’s this little gem which takes place after Lee’s near drowning experience in the sea while giving a blow job:

“After a few swallows of water to wash away the salt -- and with it, regrettably, the oddly similar but richer taste of cum -- he felt better.”

I think my eyes bugged out of my head. I know I reread this and lines preceding it several times to be sure I got it right. First, the least sexy blow job ever in public wherein Lee has nearly choked to death ON THE SEA WATER and was then tumbled by a wave. Then came some minor hysteria, because least sexy blow job led to unsexy choking and near vomit. We’re meant to believe Lee not only tasted Cole's cum (ew, spelling), but that it has a much richer taste than salt water. Ladies and gentlemen and people of any gender, I object. I can suspend disbelief for many things, even sexual things I find not sexy, but this goes too far. I have been tumbled by the ocean, and I have had the less than thrilling salt water sinus wash that’s part of that deal, and I am telling you, NO WAY is it “richer” than cum (gag, spelling).

This is only one of several unbelievable sexual encounters between these two leads. There’s another on and against a bathroom countertop that I’m convinced would have caused irreparable damage to at least the counter. And I’m a fan of all kinds of kink even when it’s not my kink, but I expect the author to sell me on why the character’s find it sexy. There was a moment of foreplay with the much-discussed gloves in this book that had me squicking out loud. Not the reaction I hope for when reading sexy times.

Beyond the sex, this book has stilted dialogue and immature miscommunication drama. While Cole is supposed to be The Older Man, it’s still frustrating to find his lover Lee behaving as if he’s an hormonal teenager. Their relationship is difficult to invest in. What does Cole see in Lee? And Cole isn’t the most forthcoming dude either. For someone older and supposedly wiser, he mucks up pretty well too.

All around, I was terribly dissatisfied with this book. The others I have by this author will certainly be read, as I so enjoyed Life Drawing, and I’m willing to give Ms. Davitt's other works a chance. Sadly, Closing the Loop won’t be reread or recommended by me.

Copy of book provided by publisher. Review first posted to All About Romance.