Snowcroft Safehouse

Snowcroft Safehouse - Christi Snow An enjoyable read. I’m usually up for a rockstar story. (Rockstars and tattoo artist are totally my bag, so please send ‘em my way!) While this wasn’t about his bad boy life, the story of Dex is still full of rockstar drama.

Dex and Jack are sexy and sweet together. For all the book is 235 pages, I could have easily read more details about their lives adjusting to post-rockstar and coming out of the closet things. The blurb is a little misleading, as it says more about Kelsey being an impetus for them to get together than I really felt occurred.

The bigger challenge was Jack being in the closet in his teeny tiny town. There’s plenty of backstory and torment there for any relationship. Add to it that Dex is on the run from some super sadistic, creepy bad guys, and eek.

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