Hyde and Seek

Hyde and Seek - Layla Frost Pluses for OTT bad boy sexiness and motorcycles. This is slightly cracky with sweet girl meets alpha male. Jake wasn't quite an alphahole, and he does grovel really well. I was a bit put off the the condom talk in this, and the eventual decisions. I'm also underwhelmed by how many times Jake made the same screw-ups he inevitably groveled for. I suppose the purpose was to show his vulnerability, but he mostly came off as an insecure ass. And much as I liked Piper, the ""does this chick have beer flavored nipples"" thought went through my head a few times. But no. Apparently, she smells like sugar and cake and everything good. So clearly every man wanted to do her.

Regardless, I liked this book, and I agree with everyone comparing it to Kristen Ashley. Very much KA lite, in my opinion, and possibly better edited than quite a bit of KA's stuff.